Accessibility Statement

UIH is committed to enabling more users to access our site successfully: Visit Here. This site conforms to the standards set in the internet guidelines of the World Wide Web.

To provide more convenience for your browsing, UIH is trying to improve the following:

  1. providing alternative text descriptions for images and non-text elements.
  2. displaying the title attribute of the links’ additional information, and providing instructions for the new browser windows.
  3. highlighting structurally the headlines, and helping visitors to understand the structure of the page through lists and site maps.

In the meantime, for the sake of saving your valuable time, UIH is trying to provide you with the best quality service by considering issues in the process of design and maintenance including graceful pictures and texts, simple and plain contents, healthy theme, harmonious and brief layouts.

While improving the functions of our site, we will promptly announce the latest changes in the accessibility statement so that you may keep abreast of our progresses.

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