Innovative Applications

the intelligent remote vision system - uVision


The intelligent remote vision system enables real-time positioning observation and automatic field of view identification, significantly improving image acquisition efficiency.

Ultra-low Dose DBT

Ultra-low Dose DBT

The ultra-low dose, high resolution three-dimensional breast imaging technology enables micro calcification cluster visualization, and increases lesion and breast profile visibility.

a nurse is using uStereo Stereotaxic Biopsy System

uStereo Stereotaxic Biopsy System

The biopsy positioning system provides an intelligent and precise positioning workflow for breast biopsy, improving patient comfort.

a medical staff is using the Handheld Remote Vision and Exposure Control

Remote Vision and Exposure Control technology

Handheld X-ray from UIH integrates uVision and the built-in microphone and image acquisition system into one, enabling accurate positioning while reducing exposure radiation.

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