World's First Integrated Diagnostic CT and Linear Accelerator

World's First Integrated Diagnostic CT and Linear Accelerator

Diagnostic CT integrated with a robust linear accelerator enable Radiation Oncologists the ability to easily monitor tumor changes within every fraction in order to deliver precise radiotherapy.

One-Stop Radiotheraoy Solution

One-Stop Radiotheraoy Solution

A more intelligent radiotherapy ecosystem is enabled through United Imaging’s one-stop radiotherapy solution which greatly simplifies clinical workflows to deliver high-quality radiation therapy to more patients.

Online Adaptive Radiotherapy Platform workflow demo

Online Adaptive Radiotherapy Platform

New treatment plans are easily and intelligently generated through United Imaging’s online adaptive radiotherapy platform, which facilitates individualized precision radiotherapy.

Intelligent Radiotherapy Platform workflow

Intelligent Radiotherapy Platform

United Imaging's intelligent platform empowers every step in the radiotherapy delivery system.

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